Senior Maritime Forum 2017

Innovation, Smart Manufacturing, Collaboration
Date: 4 - 7 December 2017
Venue: to be announced

As one of the most important and authoritative maritime conferences in the world, the Senior Maritime Forum runs concurrently with Marintec China. During the Forum, industry leaders from all over the world discuss specific topics and share their professional views with the attendees.

Do not miss this opportunity to take part in this important event for the global maritime industry, and to personally benefit from the expertise and experience of speakers and fellow participants.


Date Session
5 December 2017 (PM)   Keynote Address
6 December 2017 (AM)   Shipbuilding and Ocean and Engineering
6 December 2017 (PM)   Shipping and Ports
6 December 2017 (PM)   Cruise
7 December 2017 (AM)   Financing the Maritime Industries
4 December 2017 (PM)   Marine Technology Forum (for exhibitor only)


Presentation from Senior Maritime Forum 2015  
To download the presentation from Senior Maritime Forum 2015, please click the following links to login:

1 December 2015          Keynote Address
2 December 2015          Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
                                             Part 1; Part 2
2 December 2015          Shanghai International Forum on the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road - Shipping and Ports
3 December 2015          Marine Finance

30 November 2015        Marine Equipment Technology Forum
                                            Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

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