2017 Exhibitor List


Hall N2: N2J11-3 - Tat Wai Enterprise Pte Ltd

Sapphire Princess 蓝宝石公主号


Tat Wai is one of the pioneers in the Asian cruise refit industry, having served ship owners across the globe for the past 3 decades. Since our first project on the Golden Odyssey in 1986, Tat Wai has continually matured and refined itself as a turnkey contractor, rising steadily to become one of the top turnkey solution providers for cruise ships in the Far East. From conceptualisation to delivery, our seasoned professionals are committed to providing hands-on support every step of the way. We are well-accustomed to the complexities associated with knockdown and refit projects on a tight deadline, and are able to handle long lead times and last-minute site changes with unparalleled versatility. The quality of our work serves as an undeniable testament to this, as seen in one of our many outstanding turnkey refits on the Sapphire Princess. In just under six months, we had successfully planned and executed the refurbishment of 11 areas on the ship, including a photo studio, boutique shops, public toilets, and passenger cabins. Our feature showcase for the 14-day dry dock was the complete revitalization of the Grand Casino, where we replaced and upgraded the worn thematic design with a refreshing and contemporary look. Aside from refitting the cashier’s cage and recladding all the columns, our team had also created a brand-new VIP suite, complete with curved walls, new furniture, and a backlit feature wall.

达威自1986年成功地交付第一艘邮轮项目以来,已累积了30多年的行业经验,现已为亚洲最优秀的邮轮内装总承包商之一。经过多年的历练,我们的团队对承接各类长、短期工程都游刃有余,尤其擅长应对复杂程度高、时间紧迫的项目。从概念化设计直至完工交付的每一阶段,我们都全力以赴。而工程质量正是我们的最佳代言,比如 “蓝宝石公主号”。在短暂的六个月里,我们出色地完成了其客舱及公共空间包括照相馆、精品店、洗手间等11处区域的改造。如图所示的大型赌场项目不仅在14日内完成了室内全面翻新,我们还为客户规划了功能性VIP套间。

 Hall N1: 2J11-3 - Tat Wai Enterprise Pte Ltd