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EPOCAST 36-P is a trowelable thixotropic 2-component epoxy paste especially developed for installation of LNG/LPG tanks and other containment systems.
EPOCAST 36-P is a further development of our worldwide proven chocking/grouting system EPOCAST 36 and is everywhere in application where it is not practical to use a free flowing resin.
EPOCAST 36-P can be extremely loaded. It has good adhesive properties, even at very low temperatures.
EPOCAST 36-P has been approved by all major Classification Societies for temperatures from +80°C to -110°C and to -165°C.

Mounting of LNG/LPG tanks, chemical tanks and other containment systems, sliding doors, anchor plates etc.
Positioning of laminated wood blocks to tank surfaces and tank saddles, eliminating all precision fitting.

EPOCAST 36-P will cure at temperatures above 13°C. With temperatures below 13 °C the hardening process will take substantially longer. External heat can be used to shorten hardening time.
In the course of the exothermic the chemical reaction will not cause any shrinkage to the end product. It will form a solid chock and is resistant to oil, gas, fresh and sea water, alkalines, acids etc.

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