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Nieland’s Cold forming technology produces double curved hull panels 8 – 0 times fasterthan line heating !

Production of double curved hull panels in bulbous, saddle and twisted shapes is a major challenge for many shipyards. Market demands require faster production time, accurate and controlled shaping, retaining the steel structure features and cost reduction of the panel price.

developed the cold forming technology and her SBP series shipbuilding presses, which use the keen combination of bending and stretching in one single press!

The presses originate in the strong shipbuilding tradition in Europe and over the years Nieland has become the worldwide market leader in cold forming technology.

Nieland distinguishes herself by the innovative approach of all aspects of processing double curved hull panels for all types of vessels.

Both type of panels can be produced with one Nieland press.

For the developable panels 1, 2 and 3 the Nieland press is used in combination with solely the bending tools. However, for the double curved panels 4, 5, 6 and 7 - the so called non-developable panels - the operator will use both bending and stretching tools.

The rolling unit PWU is used for stretching. With this important tool, the required elongation is achieved and together with the bending tools the required shape is achieved.

Because the average production time for line heated panels will be 25-40 hours, the return on investment in a Nieland SBP press and the cold forming technology will be a mere 2-3 years.

Nieland will train the operators on site and actually transfers the technology to her clients world wide

Nieland will introduce the technology for China on the Marintec where she has a booth in the Holland paviljon. Your visiting will be so welcomed by us!

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