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Hall N2: N2D51-6 - Valmet Oy

Valmet Marine Sox Scrubber


Valmet marine SOx scrubber solution is designed to reduce sulphur emissions from exhaust gas by using a washing process. It fulfills the International Maritime Organization MARPOL Annex VI SOx regulations and is certified in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.259(68).

The scrubber system adapts to new build and retrofit installations. It is always optimized for the vessel layout and operational profile to ensure the most efficient installation and operational costs. 

Valmet scrubber system is available as an open loop, closed loop or hybrid (open loop + closed loop) type.

In an open loop, seawater passes through the scrubber once before being returned back to the sea without recycling. In a closed loop, fresh water or seawater is circulated as wash water with alkali additives for sulphur capture.

The closed loop operation complies with requirements in special zero discharge areas, where water discharge overboard is not allowed. The hybrid scrubber solution can be operated either in an open loop or closed loop mode, and the operation mode can be changed without stopping the engines.

 Hall N2: N2D51-6  - Valmet Oy