In the last 30 years how do you see the industry has changed? How has your company adapted to these changes?

The maritime industry in China has changed profoundly over the past 30 years, driven by the extraordinary rise in China’s production capacity, advancing technology and economic reform; today, China is fully integrated within the modern shipping industry.     


Through innovative solutions, high competence and global capability, ABB Marine contributes to reliable, safe, more profitable and environmentally friendly operation of high-performance vessels. 


What major shifts have you seen in the last 30 years in terms of government policy which has either helped or hindered your business?

The favorable conditions created by greater economic openness and reform in China, and policies such ‘Industry 4.0’ policy have been complete game-changers for the marine industry in China. We are all aware of the rise of China as a shipbuilding nation and ABB’s commitment is to continue supporting its "In China, For China" transformation from domestic constructor through the import of complete equipment packages to the builder of intelligent ships.


Has internet technology and in particular ecommerce and IOT (internet of things) affected your company?

Yes. The digital revolution has enabled opportunities to give more reliable and safe operations, which support crews in operations and decision making, and give fleet management the opportunity to have real time access to ship operations and performance. The developments started a decade ago, and is still accelerating with new features and functionalities being launched at an increasing speed. And yet today, we see this as more of the beginning of a transition than an approach to maturity. We believe that the next decade will bring much more changes in the industry in terms of how to operate and support the fleet, than we have seen in the past ten years.


How has your company had to evolve in terms of product offering in order to adjust to the changes in the industry?

In terms of production in China, ABB set up Azipod propulsion in Shanghai in 2011.  More generally, in 2017 ABB launched its industry-leading digital solutions offering ABB Ability™ In China. ABB Ability™ is our unified, cross-industry digital program -- extending from device to edge to cloud -- through which we are developing systems, solutions, services and a platform that work together to enable our customers to know more, work smarter and do more. ABB Ability™ connects our customers to the power of the Industrial Internet of Things and, through our services and expertise, goes further by turning data insights into the direct action that "closes the loop" and generates customer value in the physical world. 


Being an exhibitor for over 30 years now at Marintec China, how would you describe your relationship with this event?

ABB has consistently participated in Marintec China over a period of nearly 40 years. It is Asia’s highest quality and largest maritime exhibition and, from the group perspective, one of ABB’s major events in China.    


What do you get excited most about when returning to Marintec China at each edition?

For ABB Marine & Ports, Marintec always brings exciting opportunities to meet existing customers and get to know new ones, whether local or global.    


Due to its wide attendance, it is for us a great opportunity to reach out to the market to launch our new offerings for solutions and services


Do you have any funny stories or experiences you may have had or people you have met at Marintec China over the years?

Attendance at Marintec China always gives positive and memorable experiences both inside the exhibition as well as in the related events; there are too many to pick out one. But I can tell that it feels extra fun when we have managed to surpass competition on messages and arrangements.


Do you feel Marintec China has assisted in your company’s success over the years? If so why?

Yes. Marintec has proved to be a very important international communication platform for ABB and an unrivalled opportunity to understand the China maritime market more deeply and to emphasize our role as global and domestic presence to cooperate and support the Chinese ship building and operations.   


How would you describe Marintec China to someone who has never visited?

Marintec China is an immense international maritime event which offers the bridge between domestic and international companies. It also provides the opening for international maritime participants to get to know about China’s marine industry in one location.


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About ABB Marine & Ports

ABB Marine & Ports has grown into a truly global organization with a strong local presence in China. ABB’s innovative technologies are redefining the future, bringing new levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability to shipping and making ports and terminals around the world safer, greener and more productive. Again, our production, supply and service activities in China fully align with our global position.    


ABB Marine & Ports grew from a handful of people to about 2,000 people today with a worldwide coverage of the marine new building and service industry. ABB Marine is now positioned as a leading, global technology and service partner to ship designers, yards, ship owners and operators the marine industry.