In the last 30 years how do you see the industry has changed? How has your company adapted to these changes?

Over the past 30 years, the scale of global marine transport and trade has continued to rise, and is now about 2.5 times compared to what it was in 1990. Meanwhile, when we look at the shipbuilding sector, Japan led the industry initially but South Korea took over the position after the year of 2000 and thereafter, China has taken the lead recently.

We, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd, have followed this shift in the maritime industries by restructuring its production system and promoting globalisation. As an example, the production of MET turbocharger and steering gear, which are our core products, increased significantly from about 200 MET turbocharger units and about 80 steering gear units in 1990 to about 400 units and about 300 units respectively in 2018. Furthermore, in the 1990s, all products were produced in Japan, but today about 30% of them are licenced products. As a total technology provider in marine machinery business, we will continue to respond flexibly to market needs.


What major shifts have you seen in the last 30 years in terms of government policy which has either helped or hindered your business?

A recent example is the introduction of environmental regulations, which effectively utilise the technologies of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group to propose solutions using environmental equipment, combustion technologies, and energy-saving technologies.

In addition to complying with these specific regulations, the maritime industries are closely linked to world affairs and economy, and despite major changes in the business environment that can sometimes lead to recession, we believe also that our mission as a supplier is to maintain a system that enables us to consistently supply reliable products.


How has your company had to evolve in terms of product offering in order to adjust to the changes in the industry?

Besides producing new products and solutions corresponding to market needs, we have also worked to enhance after-sales services to provide reliable use of our products globally at a higher level. In consequence, we are now able to establish an after-sales service network covering major ports and continue to propose new after-sales service menu for ensuring customers satisfaction.

Being an exhibitor for over 30 years now at Marintec China, how would you describe your relationship with this event?

Although our business in China has been going on for more than 50 years, the business scale became bigger in the 1990s, and licenced production of boilers, steering gears, and propellers in China began in the 2000s. In line with this business expansion, we have been exhibiting at Marintec China since 1983, and we believe that this is an indispensable event for our activities in China.

What do you get excited most about when returning to Marintec China at each edition?

We can meet so many Chinese customers and deepen exchanges at the exhibition hall. It is also a good point that meeting in a different atmosphere from office meetings makes a difference in conversation with customers and partners. I am always impressed with the latest technology trends brought in by technology providers around the world.

Do you feel Marintec China has assisted in your company’s success over the years? If so why?

Yes. As already mentioned above, we are continuing to exhibit at Marintec China in line with the full-scale development of our business in China and the scale of the exhibition has grown significantly, reaching 65,000 people in 2017, and as a result, opportunities to interact with customers and business partners have increased. I am looking forward to the further development of Marintec China, and we will continue to participate in this important activity in China.

How would you describe Marintec China to someone who has never visited?

There is no doubt that the Marintec China is in the mainstream of the shipping and shipbuilding industry, and one of the world's leading maritime exhibitions.

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About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME)


MHI-MME was established as a split-off of marine machinery business operation under Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) in October 2013.

We will work to further boost high-performance, achieve innovation in environmental technology, and enhance the reliability of our products.

We will also strengthen our after-sales services structure and continue providing reassurance and speedy service to our customers.