In the last 30 years how do you see the industry has changed? How has your company adapted to these changes?

The Industry has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years.

Over the years, a big part of our Netherlands shipbuilding has moved to the Far East/ Asia Region. First, it was tankers, followed by bulkers and finally, container vessels, which had a big impact on our Industry. Specialized small and medium sized vessels are still successfully being built in the Netherlands. The Dutch equipment suppliers are selling their innovative solutions for smart and green shipping all over the world.

As NMT, the official Trade Association for the Maritime Industry in The Netherlands, we are obliged to support our members in the best possible ways, to help them do business in the international market.



What major shifts have you seen in the last 30 years in terms of government policy which has either helped or hindered your business?

It all depends on the decisions made by Government, either could be positive or negative.


Has internet technology and in particular ecommerce and IOT (internet of things) affected your company?

Internet technology and in particular, e-commerce, IOT helped a lot, to support and extend the business for our Netherlands members. It enlarged the possibilities for an even stronger and larger playing field all around the world.

How has your company had to evolve in terms of product offering in order to adjust to the changes in the industry?

Due to the changes in the Industry, we had to adapt our product offerings, which actually helped us to develop more innovative products, in which the Dutch companies are experts. Also to stay ahead of the competition, it’s a must to be innovative and watch all the changes carefully (green & smart shipping).

Being an exhibitor for over 30 years now at Marintec China, how would you describe your relationship with this event?

I would say we have a very good relationship with this event, as Marintec is the most important and largest maritime show in Asia. The Netherlands has been one of the first participating countries from the beginning. First, as HME (Holland Marine Equipment), later as NMT (Netherlands Maritime Technology), China continues to be an important maritime market for The Netherlands. It is not without reason that we have a Representing Office in Shanghai since 2001, being HMHC (Holland Marine House China).

What do you get excited most about when returning to Marintec China at each edition?

With all the contacts in China and all the relationships our members have built up over the years, we hope to meet all our Chinese Friends ‘Pengyou’ at this important maritime event . What is also very good to witness, is the enormous growth of this show over the years and the improvements made by the organization to make the show what it is today!

Do you have any funny stories or experiences you may have had or people you have met at Marintec China over the years?

Too much too tell.. some funny ones, as well also some tales of difficulties.

Do you feel Marintec China has assisted in your company’s success over the years? If so why?

Yes, to be honest, it has provided a platform for our members to become known in China. They had the opportunity to build their network and relations with the important players in the maritime Industry in China.

How would you describe Marintec China to someone who has never visited?

This is the exhibition to visit, the most important show in Asia. I would say, it is ‘A must to be there!’

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The Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) trade association is the first port of call for and primary representative of the Dutch maritime technology sector. The 400+ members include shipyards, marine equipment suppliers and service providers, all united within a close and highly successful network.