Chapter One: Autonomous Ships Overview

Whilst the world is focusing on the impacts of the COVID19, Marintec Innovation continues to explore the direction for the shipping and shipbuilding industries, providing a platform for discussion on the first step into the future of sophisticated merchant shipbuilding.

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Chapter Two: Zero Carbon Emission

Given the challenges presented to the industry by the “climate emergency” and digital technology, substantial investment will be needed to build ships capable of achieving lower, and eventually, zero emissions.

Dr Martin Stopford will discuss strategies for cutting emissions by 2050, where applying I4 technology to sea transport offers a positive way forward, using technology that is here today and battle tested in other transport industries. Joining the panel discussion will be authoritative experts from China Classification Society, Japan's E5 lab and Carnival Corporation & Plc

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Chapter Three: Advanced Digital Systems

Dr Stopford will develop his ideas on advanced digital networks presented at Marintec Senior Forum in December 2019. Implementing the I4 revolution on board ship and developing more efficient cargo logistics will involve vast amounts of data. Dr Stopford will argue that this digital tsunami will be as challenging for shipping companies as containerisation was in the 1960s. Satellite communications are being expanding to carry the data. What steps should maritime companies be taking to manage it and put it to good use?

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