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Hall N1: N1F51-3 - Bakker Sliedrecht Electro industrie BV

Active filter Solutions


The use of power electronics on board of vessels and within other electrical installations causes undesired harmonic distortion such as extra heating of generators and nuisance tripping. Ultimately, this results in higher operational costs due to energy losses and shorter lifetime of equipment.

Integrated Active Filter Solutions Visit our stand to discover our integrated active filter solutions for low harmonic drive systems. Our Active Filter Solutions (AFS) are capable of reducing the harmonic distortions in a highly effective manner. Harmonic distortion is cancelled by means of current injection in counter phase to the disturbance.

Benefits of our integrated Active Filter Solutions:

  • Cost effective

  • Compact

  • Light weight

  • Highly flexible

Retrofit solution Bakker Sliedrecht can also measure and analyze the power quality of existing electrical installations. In case of poor power quality, an easy to install retrofit kit is available.

 Hall N1: N1F51-3 - Bakker Sliedrecht Electro industrie BV