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SHIPFLOW - CFD for ships


SHIPFLOW - Efficient Software for Hydrodynamic Design of Ships

SHIPFLOW stems from long term research at FLOWTECH in close cooperation with SSPA Sweden AB and the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers University of Technology. Developed by naval architects, physicists and numerical analysts the software is optimised for ship hydrodynamics design.

Specialisation means SHIPFLOW is efficient and user-friendly. It provides a set of CFD tools that efficiently supports a ship designer during the design process.

SHIPFLOW Applications

Driven by the increasing demand for safe and energy efficient ships, applications with SHIPFLOW are shifted from the traditional evaluation of model resistance to the ship performance in self-propelled conditions, added resistance in waves and automatic hull optimizations.


SHIPFLOW is offering efficient self-propulsion simulations both at model and full scale Reynolds numbers. The delivered power computations at full scale are often crucial for a successful design and optimization of hull forms and energy saving devices.


The available flow solvers in SHIPFLOW make the program well suited for optimizations. The solvers and solution strategies can be chosen depending on the optimization purpose. Potential flow solvers have been used successfully over a long time to optimize fore bodies for wave resistance. The RANS solver and the implemented self-propulsion feature also allows for optimizing the aft body with respect to delivered power within a very short time.

Added Resistance

In the quest for improved performance, designers now seek to employ a more holistic approach to the design problem where consideration is given to more than just the performance in calm water. It is expected that significant gains in performance over a ship's operational profile and lifetime can be made if consideration is given also to the performance in a seaway. SHIPFLOW MOTIONS is a fully non-linear potential flow solver that offers an excellent balance between capability, computational cost and ease-of-use for the challenging applications in computing motions and added resistance in waves.

Focused on Ship Design

SHIPFLOW gives shipyards and design offices a unique work flow. The designers can now focus on ship design not the software handling. The CFD software becomes invisible. By introducing the result oriented user interface in SHIPFLOW there is no pre-processing and no tedious case set up as you know it from other software. Simply select your geometry and conditions, decide whether you need resistance or self-propulsion results and execute the solver. Let the computers do their work and focus on design. This offers consistent and user independent results with the shortest lead time possible.

 Hall N1: N1K01-5 - Flowtech AB