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Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd

Huisman Innovation Tower

Worldwide first 180ft stands drill tower

The Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT) is a 90m high drill tower, capable of handling 180 ft stands and 150 ft riser and with the ability to simulate dynamical vessel movements. The HIT is located at the Huisman Schiedam quayside and is used to demonstrate Huisman drilling equipment, to develop and test future equipment and systems and for the training of operators and Huisman staff. Main purpose is:

The HIT is the first tower of its kind with a 3.0/3.6 million lb (1360/1630mt) rated hook load, which equips dual draw works with high redundance, splittable blocks to achieve faster speed with lower loads, active/Passive Heave Compensation systems, 180 ft stands & 150 ft riser, full scale setback drum, up to 8 Multi Functional Manipulators, with tripping speed high up to 5000 ft/hr.

The aim of the HIT is for safer, faster and greener offshore drilling as well as cost effective, combined with Huisman new drilling vessel Huis12000, we can achieve 30% lower overall coast per well compared with traditional dillships.

 Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd