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Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd

Hybrid Boom Crane


The Next Generation of the Subsea Crane

The hybrid boom design combines the advantages of regular pedestal cranes and traditional knuckle boom cranes. Due to the innovative crane design the main and knuckle boom have a low construction weight, therefore the crane practically matches the excellent load curves of a pedestal crane with a fixed boom. With the knuckle boom in an extended position the crane offers a unique high lifting height with full lifting capacity, which is normally only available with a fixed boom. On top of this, the hybrid boom design secures the key advantages of traditional knuckle boom cranes, such as a low suspension point and reduction of load swing. These advantages have made the knuckle boom crane one of the most popular tools for offshore and subsea construction activities.

The benefits of the Hybrid Boom Crane extend beyond the boom design. The crane is fully electrically driven. This reliable and environmentally friendly drive system provides precise control over crane and load movements, with low noise levels, reduced maintenance and no risk of oil spills. A real-time heave compensation and shock absorbing system further increases the operational weather window for safe and accurate installation of subsea infrastructure components.

 Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd