2017 Exhibitor List


Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd

Ultra-deep Subsea Fiber Rope Crane


The Next Generation of the Subsea Crane

The new technology is a combination of fiber rope for subsea lowering, with steel wire rope for Active Heave Compensation. The hybrid system ensures that all advantages of fiber rope (like non-corrosive, lightweight, etc.) are used, while all disadvantages are not present (bad temperature performance, easy wear out during AHC, etc.). 

The new technology will bring revolutionary benefit that, no active fiber rope cooling is required, as AHC does notinvolve repetitive rotations of any in-air fiber rope sheavesThus, the cooling system is not a part of the crane’s essential safety system anymore, Active Heave Compensation (AHC) is done by a direct winch with a limited length of steel wire rope.

Fiber Rope Crane’s capacity of the crane remains the same with varying water depth, i.e. the hook capacity of the 120mt model at 4000m depth is 120mt, due to the lightweight fiber rope.

This Fiber Rope Crane can be available in Huisman hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane with capacity ranging from 120mt to 200mt, and in Huisman full-electric Hybrid Boom Crane with capacity high up to 600mt.

 Hall N2: N2H61 - Huisman (China) Co Ltd