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Hall N3: N3G29 - ExxonMobil

MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring service


ExxonMobil’s MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring service is designed to protect slow-speed marine engines. The service provides ongoing monitoring to identify early signs of corrosive and abrasive wear and mitigate cold corrosion. It also enables monitoring of cat fines and associated wear, which helps to mitigate against potentially catastrophic engine failure.

ExxonMobil has 15 years of CCM experience and over 400,000 data samples which enables operators to receive a tailored lubrication recommendation, based on extensive data samples that benchmark their specific engine and operating conditions. Regular MobilGard CCM analysis, coupled with support from ExxonMobil’s experienced engineers, helps customers to optimise their feed rates, maximise their engine life and ultimately reduce overall operating costs.

To find out more about how the CCM data has been used to drive insight into feed rates, component wear and engine failure see the attached data story.

One customer who has benefitted from the use of ExxonMobil’s MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring service is Danaos Shipping. Combined with the use of a high-performance lubricant, Mobilgard™ 570, the ExxonMobil Cylinder Condition Monitoring service helped to detect changes in cylinder condition, allowing engineers to safely reduce Mobilgard 570 feed rates without increasing wear.

As a result, engineers were able to extend Danaos Shipping’s piston overhaul intervals by over 250% from 16,000 hours (the MAN recommended interval) to 42,575 hours and reduced cylinder oil feed rates to the minimum setting of 0.6 g/KWhr.

To find out more about how Mobilgard CCM has benefited this customer and others, please visit - https://www.exxonmobil.com/en/marine/technicalresource/success-stories/cylinder-oil-helps-extend-piston-overhaul-interval-reduce-feed-rates

 Hall N3: N3G29 - ExxonMobil