2017 Exhibitor List


Hall N2: N2H41 - Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co KG

Oil mist detector goes MARINE 4.0


The MEV283 is an oil-mist-detector that was developed for monitoring 4-storke diesel engines. Now new interfaces are installed and all measured data are available for further data computing. This series is available in different versions and characterized by lowest installation cost and easy installation on the crankcase breather. The device is supplied with redundant 24V to meet the demand for independent supply of battery and main supply of the classifications. To operate the system an "engine-running-" signal can be used as input from motor side. The device monitors the actual oil mist concentration and crankcase pressure. For each of the two measured values, a galvanic isolated analogue signal output 4...20mA is available. For connecting to a monitoring and safety system, the detector has relays for the operating states Ready, Pre-alarm, Pressure-alarm and Main alarm.

For the exchange of operational data, parameters and operating, the MEV283 has an Ethernet and CAN bus interface, which can be configured. The protocols CanOpen and J1939 are supported.

s Hall N2: N2H41 - Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co KG