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Hall N1: N1L19 - Korean Register

Survey & Audit Preparation Guide


Korean Register (KR) - an IACS member classification society - has launched the industry’s first “Survey & Audit Preparation Guide” which will allow shipowners to check exactly what items need to be prepared for their next vessel survey audit, before submitting an application.

KR has used its extensive data resources and IT technology expertise to develop the new tailored service that will support shipowners' forward planning helping them to get the most out of their ship safety management activities.  Previously, shipowners did not know which items they needed to prepare for the ship survey before submitting their application.  

Mr JK Lee, Chairman and CEO Korean Register says: “This is another example of our work to go ‘above and beyond’ when providing convenient value-adding services for our customers to support their business activities and enhance safety.  The new guide - which is the first time any organisation has offered such a service - will help with timely operational planning, and can be checked anytime, anywhere.”
KR has been developing a specialist database for this purpose over the last two years.  It includes the different types of international maritime conventions, KR’s survey rules, the legal requirements of each flag state and identifies the specific actions and timeline for each shipowner.
The “Survey & Audit Preparation Guide” uses this data to help shipowners prepare for forthcoming ship surveys, ISM/ISPS audits and MLC inspections.  The online guide also offers shipowners the option to print out tailor-made information when se.lecting types of survey and the ship’s specification including the ship type, construction date and flag state.
The new service which is tailored to each ships’ specific requirements is available on the homepage of KR’s website (http://guide.krs.co.kr/Login/Login.aspx).  Current users of KR’s e-Fleet system can access the “Survey & Audit Preparation Guide” free of charge, using their existing passwords and sign in details. 
New users should contact KR’s customer service team on tel: +82 70 8799 8150, or email: [email protected], to be assigned access IDs for the system (http://guide.krs.co.kr/Login/Login.aspx).

 Hall N1: N1L19 - Korean Register