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Hall N2: N2H51 - Siemens Ltd China

Siemens battery electric propulsion technology


Siemens battery electric propulsion system is a complete environmental solution which consists of Siemens battery technology and electric drive technology.

System configuration will includes two kinds of solution. One is that the battery can be integrated into AC electrical propulsion system via inverter and transformer. The battery can be acted a energy banker to balance the power onboard as hybrid solution.  Also the battery can be integrated into DC electrical system such as Siemens Bluedrive Plus C system. Battery can be directly connected to DC network or via chopper and act as hybrid solution and also can be worked as full battery propulsion solution.  

Main characteristics and advantages for battery electric propulsion system including:

  • Compacted battery design with water cooling

  • Remote condition monitoring for the complete battery system

  • Less emission and fuel saving

  • For full battery electric propulsion system , all of the exhaust gas, vibrations and noise associated with diesel engines are completely avoided. It is totally zero emission 

 Hall N2: N2H51 - Siemens Ltd China