2017 Exhibitor List


Hall N2: N2F51-5 Pemamek Oy

PEMA OSW-LHAW panel line is a one man show


In shipbuilding, the usage of thin panels is constantly increasing. Ships are expected to be more green, use less fuel, go faster in speed and be more agile. Even though thin panels are practical to use, the production itself contains challenges, such as distortion and low productivity.

Solution to these challenges is advanced welding automation with integrated material handling and on-line quality control. Pemamek, global welding and production automation provider, has extended its innovative shipbuilding portfolio to advanced OSW-LHAW (one sided butt welding with laser-hybrid). The PEMA solution is a high precision concept that has faster through-put times and effortless, yet reliable thin panel welding by the means of advanced automation technology and digitalization of machinery.

Thin panel welding with PEMA OSW-LHAW results in significant production advantages, such as faster welding speed and improved production quality, to name a few. With LHAW process the welding speed is as high as 2,5 meter/minute. The cycle time for one 4-25 mm thick plate joining varies from 20 minutes to 35 minutes- this is including material handling, plate measuring and reporting, integrated milling and welding process and high-precision panel dimension control.

In the core of PEMA OSW-LHAW is that all of the most crucial processes, such as inductive pre-heating, adaptive down-cut milling and material handling are integrated into one extensive solution. To make the workflow smooth and efficient, the line is managed with Pemamek’s user-friendly HMI which constantly provides accurate and real-time process values with special assisting information to the operator. As an integral part, the system gives maintenance and service alarms + diagnostics, as well as automatic quality analytics and reports, guaranteeing instant information from the production directly to customer’s MES or maintenance system. Thanks to the inclusive PLC control technology the entire solution can be managed by only one operator.

Hall N2: N2F51-5 Pemamek Oy