2017 Exhibitor List


Hall N3: N3D55 Jastram Engineering Ltd


Jastram Engineering is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel.  The comfort and safety of the vessel and crew is in part dependent on how well the steering system functions.  We believe that steering is one of the most important elements of any vessel.  This motivating force is why Jastram is compelled to design and manufacture to the highest quality. We provide dependable engineered marine steering solutions worldwide.

Very recently, Jastarm lunched three new products that even broadened the portfolio:
1) LC350;
2) JO350;
3) HFU360

Jastram FFU lever controller (LC 350) is a waterproof electronic steering input device designed specifically for marine service. Simply moving the lever handle to either port or starboard causes the rudder to “follow up” to the required steering position. With the compact design and a sharp looking, the popular LC350 is widely used in the yacht industry.

The JO 350 (JO 350S Dual Speed Jog Lever) is constructed of anodized aluminum body, providing the best possible resistance to severe conditions. Together with a stainless steel handle shaft and bearing support, JO 350 will bring exceptional performance and durability to any type of marine services.

The HFU360 (Hydraulic Follow-Up Unit 360) is an electro-hydraulic steering system that controls rudder movement through an On/Off hydraulic manifold. The HFU360 provides the vessel with power steering as well as emergency manual steering. With great flexibility and adaptability, HFU360 is even capable of complying with an existing manual helm pump.

Jastram GmbH und Co. KG, located at stand N3G23, offers innovative solutions for the reduction of noise in transverse thrusters since IMO resolution MSC.337(91) Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships is a mandatory regulation on most newly built vessels. This regulation sets thresholds regarding the noise levels for transverse thrusters which operate continually.

Furthermore, Jastram reveals a newly developed variable pitch propeller for transverse thrusters which can be operated with up to 825kW in continuous operation.

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg, Germany is an internationally recognized company in the marine engineering and equipment market since more than 125years. Founded in 1889 as a diesel engine manufacturer, the company shifted the focus of its product portfolio to manoeuvring equipment in the fifties. More than 4800 Jastram Transverse Thrusters are in use today. Rudder Propellers and Electric Drive Systems round up the product range.

Hall N3: N3D55 Jastram Engineering Ltd