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Hall N3: N3H05 - Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited

Tank Purging and Inert Gas Monitoring


An inert space is a space that has been purged with nitrogen or other gas mixtures that doesnt contain oxygen. Spaces containing a petroleum-based product and empty product storage spaces are two of the main examples of an inert space. Purging these spaces prevents the accumulation of a flammable mixture. The most common type of detector used to test for flammable gases is a catalytic type sensor, which senses combustible gases at LEL levels. This type of sensor needs oxygen to function so if there isnt any, or its at a low level, it wont work. Infrared sensors are better suited to this environment as they dont require oxygen to function.

With its dual infrared sensors and ability to check tanks both full of hydrocarbon and fully purged, Tank-Pro meets the unique challenges presented by inert spaces. The dual range sensor auto-ranges between high %vol and %LEL concentrations. The integrated pump quickly draws samples through lines up to 30 metres long, so tanks and pipes can be checked quickly and efficiently. During the unique Tank check mode the toxic and oxygen alarms are inhibited to ensure the user is focused on the task at hand, which is to monitor the volume of flammable gas present.

 Hall N3: N3H05 - Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited