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Hall W2: W2E68 - Zhejiang Odelo Automatic Control Valve Co Ltd

ODL series of electric actuators


ODL series explosion-proof electric actuator main features:

1 Housing, cover, made of hard aluminum alloy, anodized and polyester powder coating, corrosion resistance, waterproof grade IP67 and IP68.

2 motor, fully enclosed squirrel cage motor, small size, large torque, low inertia, Class F insulation level, built-in thermal protection switch to prevent motor damage.

3 Manual structure, which can be operated by the handle when the actuator is not energized and the wrench in the slot on the rear of the actuator when manual operation is not required.

4 Position indicator, mounted on the central shaft for viewing the position of the valve. Lens with convex lens design, to avoid deposition and observation convenience.

5 sealed, good sealing performance, the protection level is IP67, also optional IP68 protection level.

6 limit switch, mechanical and electronic double limit. Mechanical limit screw adjustable, safe and reliable; electronic limit switch by the cam mechanism to control a simple adjustment mechanism can accurately and conveniently set the position, and not affected by the hand wheel excess.

7 self-locking, precision worm gear transmission torque, low noise (up to 50 decibels), long service life; self-locking function to prevent reversal, to ensure stability and reliability. Efficient lubricants have been added at the factory, no longer need to add.

8 anti-off bolts, are made of stainless steel, remove the shell, the bolt attached to the shell, will not fall off.

9 Installation, installation of the bottom of the electric actuator in line with international standards ISO5211 and IN3337, into a square hole, easy to install by linear or 45 degrees, the actuator can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

10 lines, control lines comply with single-phase or three-phase power standard, the layout is reasonable and compact, the terminal can effectively meet the various additional functional requirements.

 Hall W2: W2E68 - Zhejiang Odelo Automatic Control Valve Co Ltd