2017 Exhibitor List

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Hall N2: N2D21-10 - WISKA Hoppmann GmbH

WISKA product highlights @Marintec


WISKA, the German shipbuilding supplier, is exhibiting its solutions in the segments of maritime lighting, reefer container sockets and CCTV camera surveillance.

LED Floodlight 5000: Made to stay cool

By now, aluminium has been the material of choice for heat conduction in LED floodlights. The problem is that aluminium is extremely sensitive to environmental and mechanical influences. WISKA’s solution: the “LED Floodlight 5000”. The new floodlight is the first of its kind that both conducts heat and resists corrosion thanks to a special plastic module. Perfect for use in the extreme weather conditions at sea.

VARITAIN® PushIn Advance: Reefer container sockets revolutionised

With VARITAIN® PushIn Advance, WISKA is presenting its latest generation of reefer container sockets that are truly impressive thanks to three major benefits. First, an easily accessible power terminal that has been relocated to the outside offers maximum ease of installation. This means the casing lid remains closed, minimising the risk of damage during installation.

“We introduced a seal that reminds the crew on board to keep the lid closed,” says Ronald Hoppmann, explaining the second benefit. “As such, we offer outstanding service in the event of a problem and give shipowners a feeling of reassurance,” continues Mr. Hoppmann.

By moving the power port to the outside, the product is now 40% smaller. The PushIn technology increases safety, since power only flows when the plug has locked in place. If you pull the plug, power is automatically shut off.

LED Ex Luminaire 4200: Spot on for highest demands

With its LED Ex Luminaire 4200, developed from the successful watertight luminaire 4000, WISKA supplies a rugged solution for the extreme challenges in the maritime industry and the offshore sector. ATEX and IECEx certification prove its application to zone 1 atmospheres. The LED Ex Luminaire 4200 is both reliable and maintenance-free because it does not make use of a driver that is likely to have failures and because it has been reduced to only a few key components.

But also – let’s get to know each other

In addition to presenting its new products, exhibitions are particularly important to WISKA for another reason: the opportunity to get to know customers and business partners better and deepen relationships. “To us, smooth collaboration is built on knowing one another inside and out – because in a business relationship, unwavering mutual trust is extremely important,” explains Mr. Hoppmann.  

 Hall N2: N2D21-10 - WISKA Hoppmann GmbH