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Hall W3: W3K04 - Shenyang Seibertron E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Seibertron HIGH-VIS HRC5 Rigger Excellent Grip Cut5 Oil & Gas Drilling Safety Impact Box Handler Gloves CE EN388 3541


  1. Seibertron HIGH-VIS HRC5 is designed for a wide range of applicability which are suitable for Rigging, Oil and Gas drilling, Box Handling, rescue and relief.

  2. HRC5 glove has silicone print on the palm to provide maximum grip power

  3. It also has level 5 cut resistant capability with anti-cut layer inside.

  4. Reinforcement on the palm for maximum durability and long lasting.

  5. This product is designed with increasing protective areas on metacarpal, knuckle and fingers to reduce injuries by impact or crash.

  6. Our products have independent intellectual properties. We have obtained copyright of gloves in China and design certificate in the EU.

  7. This glove has obtained CE EN388 3541 mark with certificate and test report.

  8. We have successfully registered our trademark of “Seibertron”, “HIGH-VIS” and device in many countries and areas in the world, like the US, EU, AU, CA, MY, RU, TH, JP etc.

 Hall W3: W3K04 - Shenyang Seibertron E-Commerce Co., Ltd