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Hall W2: W2D23 - Fujian ESP Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd

Portable AIS communication equipment



Portable AIS communication equipment is a waterproof (level comes up to IP67), drop resistance and salt-spray proof safety three-proof marine navigation rescue equipment. The main features: compare with other marine navigation equipments in the market, its size is more than a dozen times smaller, and equip with a function of communication. Now it belongs to the national pioneer product and has acquired a series of related national certifications. The show highlights are following:

  • 船舶避碰功能(Marine Anti-collision function)


The users can set the safety distance range by themselves according to their requests. When two ships get close to each other in the range of set distance, it would send a quick alarm to alert the user, realizing the function of anti-collision. At the same time, it also can display in the Marine fisheries agency's surveillance platform, deal with some emergencies in the first time, which can assure the security of sailing operation.

  • 落水报警功能(overboard warming function)


When the ship occurs sudden accident or mariner overboard carelessly, the induction contact on the device would trigger the internal AIS module after touching the seawater, and automatically send current location and rescue information to nearby ships, monitoring platforms and coast station of Marine fisheries management departments in different places, the mobile phone would automatically send the rescue signal which meet the global standard regulation, realizing active rescue, timely assistance and provide a guarantee to the security.

  • 虚拟AIS船舶自动识别功能(simulated AIS marine automatically identify function)


The equipment has an application of built-in simulated AIS marine automatically identify system, which makes AIS marine automatically indentify system normally work in the case of with or without mobile communication network coverage.

  • 基站AIS平台信息推送功能(Base station AIS platform information push function)


The coast-based station platform can push the information function through GPRS or 4G network in all kinds of ways, such as security warming information, marine weather forecast etc. It also can enter into different application module in the way of APP in the device to browse the information that the user focus, further improving the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

 Hall W2: W2D23 - Fujian ESP Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd