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Sioux Corporation 100% Electric Cleaning Equipment


Sioux Corporation manufactures a line of 100% electric hot or cold water, high pressure washers and steam cleaners. These units are beneficial pieces of equipment for use in areas where no open flame, exhaust, or fumes are desired or allowed. They are ideal for applications where air quality is a concern because they produce Zero emissions.

The units utilize an electric motor to provide power to the triplex, plunger pump to create the desired flow rate and discharge pressure. Sioux’s patented encapsulated, electric immersion heating element design in a hydrostatically tested vessel heats the water as it passes through. Heat is available instantly on start-up with full operating temperature achieved in minutes rather than hours. The properly sized heating element provides continuous operation of the unit without any drop in the discharge temperature. No pre-heating or recovery time of a heat transfer fluid storage tank is required for operation.

Sioux’s patented SCR Advanced Temperature control is an option that can be included on any unit for precise discharge temperature selection. Units with this option maintain the discharge temperature to within +/-1F of the set temperature. This option is ideal for application where a precise discharge temperature is required, for multi-gun applications where discharge flow may fluctuate, or when the inlet water temperature may change seasonally. The system will include a digital readout display showing the set and operating temperature with up and down keys for adjustment of the desired discharge temperature.

Models can be built explosion-proof for use in hazardous locations if required and are signified by an XP at the end of the model number. These cleaners feature explosion-proof components and a sealed cast aluminum electrical enclosure. All explosion-proof models are built for use in Class I Division 1 Group C&D and Class II Division 1 Group F&G hazardous environments.

All standard models are third party certified to UL and CSA safety standards to meet safety requirements for electrical equipment. Explosion-proof models are additionally certified to UL and CSA safety standard for use in hazardous locations.
The frame of the equipment is constructed of fully welded, structural grade steel tubing with dual lifting eyes. Caster or skid mounting are available depending on the individual customer’s requirements. A powder paint finish is standard on all models, but alternate coatings or materials of construction are available. Galvanized coating or all stainless-steel frame material are available for areas where a unit may be operated in a corrosive environment.

Additional options to choose from that are available to customize a unit include an emergency stop switch, four-point lift pad eyes on the frame, 4” x 16” wheel kit with solid rubber tires and pull handle, ASME certified heating vessel, or a cage style frame made from 2”, 11-gauge, square tubing material with four-point lift pad eyes and forklift pockets. Please consult the factory for details.

Sioux Corporation equipment is Made in the USA and is the industry leader in application specific designs since 1939.

 Hall N2: N2K21 - Lee San International Group Limited