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Hall N2: N2H73 - FILTREX Srl


Filtrex S.r.l. was established in 1976 and, with more than thirty years of experience in the micronic filtration of lube oil, fuel oil, hydrocarbons and water, FILTREX is one of the world’s leaders, as a direct result of the considerable commitment to research, design and resource optimization. The manufacturing complex is conveniently located close to Milan airport and is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic machines. With a warehouse volume of 30.000 m³, Filtrex can ensure short delivery times to its customers. Extensive testing of filters is performed by equipment specifically designed to simulate real operating conditions.

Since our beginning, we have developed products in compliance to the military specs. Even nowadays we are focused on the same driver concepts : high reliability, long lasting product life-cycle, ease of maintenance and simplicity.

The military experience has been extended to the filters production in merchant ships, Oil & Gas and water filtration.

Filters are characterized by small dimensions and by few modular parts (cartridge, backwashing nozzle and motor) to facilitate operation and maintenance as well as reducing the number of spare parts.


  • Fuel Oil filtration: DACT and DACXT filters

  • Lube Oil filtration for Diesel Engines (propulsion and auxiliary): ACP and ACX filters

  • Sea Water filtration: ACB filters

The ACB® filters have been recently developed to meet the requirements of seawater filtration (ballast water mainly). These filters have been designed for a new application; however are based on a 30 years experience and proven technology.

The filter body and the internal parts are built in Bronze-Aluminium alloy to ensure high durability and to resist to seawater corrosion. No painting is needed. 

The main feature of the ACB filter is the possibility to reduce the filtration degree down to 6 µm, thanks to the high regeneration  capacity of the filter element.

The backwash time is very short, just few seconds, and allows to work with high TSS loads, using a very limited backwash amount of water.

The small dimensions allow the ACB filter installation in tight spaces, on all new and existing ships.

 Hall N2: N2H73 - FILTREX Srl