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Hall N3: N3H41-4 - Griffon Hoverwork Ltd

Hovercraft Connection Services


Griffon Hoverwork www.griffonhoverwork.com are the world leaders in hovercraft technology and have recently introduced into commercial service their latest two models; the 995ED and the 12000TD.  Both are designed for the highest levels of safety, passenger comfort, environmental care and cost-efficiency and comply with the latest International Maritime Organisation Codes for commercial hovercraft.  Hovercraft are fast amphibious vessels that are designed to operate over water, ice, mud and weed with damaging the environment.

The 80 seat 12000TD has seen a full year of service in operation with the world leading hovercraft ferry operator, Hover Travel www.hovertravel.co.uk, which has been operating Griffon’s hovercraft since 1965 and has ferried 29 million people between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.  The 12000TD is now ready for international ferry operations.

The 995ED is a brand new twin diesel-electric 8 seat hovercraft designed and has been certified by Lloyds Register as the world’s first hovercraft that is fully complaint with the new Hovercraft Code.  It was conceived for emergency, medical and search & rescue services.  It’s inherent safety, stability, comfort, low noise levels and dual-redundant systems make it well suited to VIP transfer, taxi, specialist tours and local operations in support of the tourist and cruise businesses, particularly in areas that are difficult to access by conventional boats or that are environmentally sensitive.

 Hall N3: N3H41-4 - Griffon Hoverwork Ltd