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Independently Design and Developed Vessel 7800PCTC

The 7800Units Pure Car &Trunk Carrier designed and built by Yangfan Group Co., Ltd., is a brand new generation of large size Pure Car and Truck Carrier, which is the first time independently designed and developed by the domestic shipbuilding enterprises and has been successfully delivered to their clients. The main particulars of the Vessel are as follows: Length Overall: 199.9 m; Breadth Moulded: 36.45m; Depth Moulded: 15.335m; Design Draught: 8.0m; Scantling Draught: 9.5m; Service Speed: 19.68 knots; Cruising range: about 23,000 nautical miles. This type of the Vessel is designed with 12 tiers of car decks in total, 8 of them are fixed type decks and 4 of them are liftable type decks. The vessel l is roll-on and roll-off type vehicles carrier which is capable of carrying various kinds of vehicles such as standard cars, trucks, dump trucks, heavy and large size loads, trailers, etc. It has the efficient area of 62000 m2 for carrying 7800units of standard cars in total. In addition to carrying the vehicles, the Vessel also can load various sizes and types of standard containers, reefer containers, large-scale of steel structure and equipments, and be suitable for carriage of package dangerous goods which restricted by the actual equipment installation. The advanced elastic structure design is adopted for the Vessel without installing the transverse bulkheads. The Vessel has the following major advantages; low fuel consumption, energy saving, high efficacy in loading and unloading and excellent stability, etc. The design can meet the requirements of the "Green Star 3" environmental protection level of RINA Rules; and the Vessel is equipped with the advanced hybrid type of SOx scrubber system. Thus the design of the Vessel adopted is a leading design among the same size of Pure Car and Trunk Carriers in the world.

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