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Hall N2: N2D51-6 - Valmet Oy

Valmet DNA automation system


Many of the advanced cruise ships are equipped with Valmet’s automation Valmet DNA. Usually, it covers the machinery, air condition and emergency shutdown systems on the vessel. The machinery and air condition systems have common communication network and process controllers, whereas the I/O groups and field network are separate.

With its good graphical interface, it is easy to use. Another important feature in the automation system is Valmet DNA Operate Trend and Event Archive (TEA). DNA Operate TEA is a tool for analyzing and troubleshooting the process.  With this tool, operators are able to monitor trends from the collected history data. The tool also enables operators to collect all alarms and operator tracking within the history archives and then view trends and analyze the Alarm and Event history more deeply, when needed. 

With Valmet DNA, operation is in good shape and the crew can focus on its key tasks.


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 Hall N2: N2D51-6 - Valmet Oy