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In ship construction, virtual reality technology can not only find out and solve problems in advance, but also provide sufficient information for management, so as to truly realize the integration of hull construction, outfitting, painting and design, manufacture and management. In the field of ship design, virtual design offers product lift-cycle service indeed. It covers construction, maintenance, equipment use, customer demand and all other areas that cannot be achieved by traditional design methods. Therefore, the development of the ship's virtual design system for the whole life cycle of the ship can greatly improve the quality of ship design, reduce the construction cost and shorten the construction period.

Ship design

Designers realizes concurrent design and preliminary virtual construction by establishing 3D model of ship product. “Build” a “complete ship” in a computer first, so that designers can “enter” the hull for internal visit. The 3D model can scientifically analyze the convenience for workers to build, the comfort level of staying on the ship, and fault simulation, etc.. It validates design ideas comprehensively. In conclusion, the 3D model refers to ship digital manufacturing process for analysis, verification, assessment, review, and presentation.

Virtual navigation simulation

Firstly, navigational hazards exist in the sailing test of a real ship, but not in the virtual simulation test. Notably, the cost of a simulation test is much less than that of an actual one. In the sailing simulation study, any type of boat or any scenario environment can be invoked for testing as required. In addition, simulation test simulates the effects of rare external conditions on waterway, ships and berths, providing the necessary data for scientific design and engineering safety.

 Hall W2: W2D52 - Shenzhen Tenda Wisdom Information Technology Co Ltd