2017 Exhibitor List

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Hall N2: N2D11-02 - aquatherm GmbH

Ballast water system, Chengxi shipyards


1. Hot and Cold water system:

Our unique formular of fusionlen particles ensures the best quality for pipes.

MF(Multifaser) technology to ensure no deformation when water temperature even reaches 90°C +

Extremely low thermal conductivity to save cost for insulation of hot water system.

Our PPR material has no danger of dioxin-output in case of burning, especially important feature for cruise projects.

Various certificates from different water regulation department like WARS,CSTB,DVGW,etc.


2. Black/Grey/Chilled/Ballast/Bigle water system:

Due to our SDR11/17.6 MF standard, we can provide same outer diameter pipe with thinner thickness so that the water flow area could be bigger for gravity and vacumm system.

MF(Multifaser) technology to decrease quantity of pipe supports compared with non-MF plastic pipe up to 30%, weight and cost saved.

Extremely low thermal conductivity to save cost for insulation of chilled water system. Thinner insulation needed compared with metal pipes. Space and cost,saved.

Due to our Weld-in Saddle Technology, we can drill on pipe surface and weld in a saddle component to easily make a pipe branch.Space,cost saved

Due to our MF(Multifaser) technology, the linear expansion rate is extremely low, expansion joints are saved for long distance pipelines.30% pipe supports are also saved compared with other plastic pipes. 

 Hall N2: N2D11-02  - aquatherm GmbH