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Hall N1: N1H21 - Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce’s new “Intelligent Awareness System” aims to make shipping safer.


Rolls-Royce has created the world’s first Intelligent Awareness System, designed to help seafarers operate vessels more safely and efficiently. Combining multiple sensors and clever software, the system provides the Bridge with a better understanding of the ship’s surroundings than ever before.

The Intelligent Awareness Systems use multiple sensors, including high definition cameras, night vision, radar, LIDARs and AIS data, and integrates the different data sets to give the crew on board a wider range of perspectives on their situation. 

The system can offer a unique bird’s-eye view of the environment from above. This is something that could be particularly useful in docking operations.  An automated docking system can also be included.

The application is particularly aimed at the safe navigation of busy ports, for example a large cruise ship navigating the port of Shanghai, or operations in challenging environments, such as the dense fog experienced in Houston’s shipping channel.

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based object classification solution independently detects and tracks objects.  Software algorithms classify the data generated by on board cameras to identify  approaching vessels or objects. Ultimately it will be able to determine vessel characteristics i.e. how fast a vessel can travel or stop. 

A process known as ‘labelling’ establishes what a vessel’s cameras ‘see’. This involves drawing boundaries around pictures containing two vessels and teaching the AI the difference between each boundary field, as well as any associated characteristics for each field/vessel. So far and the system on offer contains 100 different categories. It can detect a range of objects and establish whether they are stationary, such as lighthouses, or moving, such as ships.

With the focus on safety, cruise ship owners have shown significant early interest. But owners of other ship types, including cargo vessels, have been discussing the new system with Rolls-Royce. The company has carried out studies into the requirements of a number of different vessel types.

Systems can be tailored to each ship’s needs based on the requirements of the shipowner. You are welcome to Rolls-Royce for more information.

 Hall N1: N1H21 - Rolls-Royce