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Hall N3: N3H41-1 - Survitec Group

Marine Evacuation Systems (MES)


The Survitec Marine Evacuation System (MES) range epitomises everything that the Survitec brand stands for - a quality product, offering unparalleled safety coupled with real value for money. No other evacuation system in the world comes close to the superior design of the original RFD Marin Ark MES - designed with fully reversible liferafts and fully enclosed evacuation slides all stowed in one complete unit on the vessel. Since its conception in 1996, our Research and Development Team has worked tirelessly to continuously improve and extend the Marin Ark range. The result - an enviable MES portfolio to suit any operator requirements, making Marin Ark the system of choice.

In 1979, after recognising the requirement for fast and efficient evacuation procedures on board large passenger vessels, Survitec Group developed the world’s first Marine Evacuation System, taking passenger safety into completely new territory. This MES consisted of twin track slides evacuating passengers on to a platform, from where they were transferred into canopied liferafts. Whilst revolutionary in that era, Survitec was convinced there was a better solution - and there was: the Marin Ark. When it was first introduced, the world of safety had seen nothing like it. Since then, Survitec has worked in close partnership with our customers, totally committed to understanding the changes in the marine passenger vessel industry and finding new solutions to confront operator challenges.

Survitec has manufactured and installed over 1000 RFD Marin Ark1 liferafts across the globe. There is no doubt that Marin Ark is now renowned as the system of choice for large passenger vessels.

The Marin Ark1 is the world’s safest and fastest method of transferring passengers and crew from the vessel into liferafts. In the case of an emergency, no other system is as efficient or effective. One simple release action activates the deployment of the system, which is fully inflated and operational within 90 seconds of deployment.The liferafts are fully reversible, ensuring the Marin Ark1 inflates upright each and every time, and evacuation chutes are fully enclosed ensuring no passenger is exposed to the elements at any time during evacuation.

The Marin Ark2 is a completely new design: the liferafts, each with a total capacity of 158 passengers, feature a suspended floor ensuring maximum thermal protection and multiple buoyancy compartments to ensure utmost safety in the toughest sea conditions. The innovative helical slide path integrates the benefits of a fully enclosed evacuation chute with the natural descent of a spiral slide - crew members can even ascend to assist other passengers if required. One of the most dynamic design features of this new system is the integration of a service winch into the stowage unit which allows for the entire unit to be deposited onto a tug or truck during service periods thus in most cases eliminating the requirement for a crane during service.

 Hall N3: N3H41-1 - Survitec Group