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Safety Service 360


Taking complexity out of compliance

Managing safety schedules effectively and staying compliant in an increasingly tough regulatory climate is a major challenge for owners and operators. It’s against this background that Survitec has developed Safety Service 360 – a flexible safety solution designed to help you manage your safety schedules simply and cost effectively while keeping within the limits of regulation.

Main elements of the Safety Service 360 offer:

  • One point of contact

  • Due date monitoring on safety equipment

  • Proactive approach on service calls to secure cost efficiency

  • Document handling

  • Transparency and predictability of costs

  • Consultancy in regulatory issues

Your Safety Service 360 contract is managed by a single point of contact responsible for tracking all due dates, planning service visits and issuing documentation to help reduce the number of service visits and keep costs down. All of this is offered at fixed prices and competitive terms for easier budgeting.

Our safety service network has global ISO 9001 approval and global approvals from six major classification societies – in addition to a number of local class approvals.


Random and uncoordinated management of safety services can be costly and risky. Non-compliance can result in penalties and hold-ups in ports.


Entering into a Safety Service 360 agreeement with Survitec gives you access to our expertise. Our customer service centres are there to guide you in regulatory issues and monitor your due dates on safety systems and equipment.


Harmonised due dates and good service planning leads to efficient service calls, reducing costs and risks to you. With efficiency and cost control in mind, we work hard to secure your safety compliance onboard your ships.

 Hall N3: N3H41-1 - Survitec Group