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Hall N3: N3G39 - Ecospray Technologies

ECO-EGC™ - Ecospray Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems


Ecospray’s ECO-EGC™ Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) are flexible and able to meet both compliance needs, 0.1% for ECAs and 0.5% for 2020 global sulfur cap, using different optional configurations: open loop, closed loop and hybrid.

For shipping companies Ecospray scrubber systems represent the most economically attractive option for the 2020 fuel challenge.


- ECO-EGC™ systems operate comfortably up to 3.5% sulfur fuel at high engine loads, even in lower alkalinity conditions (Alaska, Baltic Sea) without caustic reagents.

- ECO-EGC™ systems confidently meet/exceed all sulfur emission requirements.

- Wash water complies with regulations and all major water discharge standards.

The ECO-EGC™ can also be combined with ECO-CDF™ (Catalytic Dry Filter) or

ECO-DOC™ (Diesel Oxidative Catalyst), achieving additional benefits:

- Significant reduction of black smoke in the exhaust gas emission.

- Virtually no heavy metals in the exhaust gas (with ECO-CDF™).

- Superior wash water quality in terms of PAH, hydrocarbon and turbidity.

 Hall N3: N3G39 - Ecospray Technologies