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Booth no: TBC; Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute

Titanium Alloy Product

Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute owns an advanced and complete titanium industry chain. Through over 50 years’ self-development and practice, LSMRI has mastered a series of process technologies including titanium ore smelting, titanium smelting, forging, plate, pipe preparation, welding, forming, and heat treatment. Relying on the international first-class and domestic leading technical equipments, LSMRI has developed a series of titanium raw material products covering titanium sponges, castings, forgings, plates, and pipes. There are also other types of titanium products including equipments, structures, valves, pipelines and fittings. The products have been widely used in ships, ocean platforms, ocean engineering, petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, aviation and nuclear power industry, the quality and credibility of which enjoy a high reputation in both the domestic and foreign markets.

TBC Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute