2017 Exhibitor List

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Hall N2: N2D51-6 - Valmet Oy

Valmet’s marine offering


Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for many industries, including the marine segment. Valmet has more than 40 years of experience as an automation system supplier. Scrubbers for exhaust gas cleaning is one of Valmet’s emerging business areas.

Automation for a wide range of ships

Our Valmet DNA system is modular, flexible and scalable for a wide range of ship types and application tasks. The system offers cost-efficient solutions for all kinds of I/O numbers, from a few hundred needed for small and less complex vessels up to the 30-35.000 for the largest and most advanced ones. Valmet sets a new standard in ship automation by offering condition-based vibration monitoring and energy management systems fully integrated into the automation system. The Valmet DNA system can even include the control, monitoring, protection and condition monitoring for gas and steam turbines.

Exhaust gas scrubbers for sustainable ship operation

Valmet is the first company to introduce a dual water hybrid scrubber to the marine market. The development of our marine scrubber has a strong technical background from deliveries to land-based power industries over several years. Our marine scrubber has been delivered to container, general cargo and cruise vessels. The hybrid scrubber is a combination of an open and closed loop scrubber where airborne emissions can be kept within regulatory limits in a cost-efficient way.

 Hall N2: N2D51-6  - Valmet Oy