Marintec China to be rescheduled to June 2022

Hong Kong, 19 November 2021 – Marintec China, the largest and the most important maritime event of the year, was scheduled to be held on the 7-10 December 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, it is announced today the 21st edition will have to be rescheduled to June 2022. In consideration of the travel restrictions in China for domestic exhibitors and visitors and with the restrictive quarantine measures for foreign exhibitors and visitors due to Covid – 19 measures. The Organising committee of Marintec China has had to follow China rulings and reschedule the show to 2022 so that the environment will be best for all participants to maximise their opportunities to conduct business.

For more than four decades, Marintec China has grown together with the global maritime industry, we have witnessed the huge shipbuilding industry transformation in China and experienced the rapid development in one of the world’s leading maritime hubs today, Shanghai, where Marintec China is hosted. With the year-long preparation of the event, this has been a very difficult decision, but it is the right decision considering current COVID-19 measures in the
local markets.

Marintec China remains always committed to delivering a high-quality event that will offer true value to all participants and we are optimistic about the future of the maritime industry. We look forward to welcoming you in Shanghai in 2022

More details will be announced shortly.

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关于第21届Marintec China延期举办的公告

新闻稿 2022年5月10日 关于第21届Marintec China延期举办的公告 关心和支持国际海事会展的各界朋友: 为配合上海市疫情防控工作需要,保障公众健康和会展效果,经审慎研究,决定将原定于2022年6月28日至7月1日在国家会展中心(上海)举办的第21届国际海事会展(Marintec China)再次延期至2022年12月7日至10日举办,展会场馆调整至上海新国际博览中心。 在中国改革开放中成长的Marintec China,40多年来初心不改,始终以搭建全球海事界合作交流平台、推动产业科技进步与发展为已任,得到国内外各界朋友的高度支持。去年底,我们作出本届会展第一次延期举办的决定,得到业界的充分理解和广泛支持,超过96%的展商维持参展计划,更有不少新展商申请参展。诸位的长期支持和深度参与,成就了全球瞩目的Marintec China,对此我们深表谢意! 在工业和信息化部与上海市政府等有关政府部门的支持下,我们将与合作伙伴加强沟通配合,精心做好本届会展筹备工作,努力为行业奉献一场期待已久的海事盛会。 熟悉的12月,熟悉的展馆。 不变的Marintec China! 我们上海再相聚。 Marintec China – 完 –   有关主办机构: Informa Markets为各行各业和专业市场提供交易丶创新和发展的平台。我们通过会展活动丶具有针对性的数字化服务和可执行数据解决方案,为全球市场参与者提供互动丶体验和交易的机会。我们在10多个全球垂直领域促进买卖双方建立紧密的合作关系,包括制药丶食品丶医疗科技以及建筑和房地产等。作为全球领先的市场缔造者,我们助力企业的发展,提供更好的机遇,促进行业的蓬勃发展。欲了解更多资讯,请浏览。

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