2 – 5 December 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China
中国上海浦东新区龙阳路2345号, 上海新国际博览中心


Welcome to Marintec China!

In accordance with the latest requirements and prevention guidelines of the China State Council actioned by Shanghai Exhibition Industry, exhibitors are required to take the following measures in the prevention of COVID-19

Shanghai Health QR Code

Shanghai Health QR Code

Exhibitors must present a Green Shanghai Health QR Code. Those with Yellow or Red code will be denied entry.   Anyone coming from medium or high-risk areas (within 14 days before their first day arrival at the venue) are required to provide a nucleic acid test result within 7 days before entry.

Local Exhibitors, please scan the QR code via WeChat or Alipay.  Follow the instructions to obtain your “Health Code”.

Overseas Exhibitors (including Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan region), please scan the QR code via WeChat to enter the “China Government Service Platform”.  Click “Health Code Travelers Version” on the homepage.  Follow the instructions to obtain your “Health Code”.

Itinerary QR Code

Itinerary QR Code may be required by the local authorities depending upon the current situation in China.

Real-name Authentication Registration

Real-name registration will be carried out both online and offline, a China ID card/Foreign Passport original copy must be provided for exhibitor badge application.  With the original registered document, exhibitor may enter the venue by swiping the ID card for China citizens and exhibitor badges for overseas personnel.  Overseas exhibitors are required to provide nucleic acid negative test report and a notification of release from isolation.  They are required to verify their passport information at a verification counter and collect their badges.  For details, please refer to the exhibitor’s manual.

Body Temperature Check

Everyone is required to undergo an infrared temperature check before entering SNIEC.  Anyone with a high temperature (at or over 37.3°C) will be denied entry.  Exhibitors who feel unwell or display any COVID-19-like symptoms such as fever (≥37.3°C), cough, sore throat or shortness of breath are recommended to seek medical advice immediately and stay home.  The Organiser and the venue operator shall have the right to refuse access to any person displaying such symptoms.

Wear Face Mask

Face masks must be worn in all areas inside the venue (except when dining).

Cleaning & Sanitising

Hand sanitising stations are located throughout the venue.   Exhibitors are also advised to prepare hand hygiene facilities such as 70% to 80% alcohol-based hand sanitiser/ hand wipes on your stand, especially at the reception counter or areas where you are performing demonstrations.

Exhibitors are reminded the stand surfaces, such as tables, chairs, tabletop, showcases, etc. must be cleaned and sanitised after every use.


No outside catering is allowed inside the hall.   

Hall Capacity

The venue has adjusted the maximum capacity to avoid overcrowding, the Organiser may take other measures, such as temporarily suspending registration or entry into the halls to comply with the maximum hall capacity.  Please follow the instructions of our staff.

Social Distancing

Exhibitor should monitor the number of trade buyer on their stand.  Trade buyers should stand at least 1m apart while on stands.  The Organiser and security officers have the right to require exhibitors to comply with this regulation, and exhibitors are requested to cooperate with our instructions.

Be Considerate

Exhibitors whose family members or friends have contracted COVID-19 should not visit the exhibition.  


If anyone is found to be unwell, they will be taken to the temporary medical observation area immediately.  The Organiser will persuade them to see a medical facility or assist in calling ambulances for medical treatment. The venue will adopt temporary isolation measures for the areas where persons with abnormal body temperature are found and conducts comprehensive disinfection of the areas.

Current Situation in China

Please click on the link to access the latest situation in China. http://www.gov.cn/fuwu/zt/yqfwzq/zxqk.htm#0

Informa AllSecure is Informa’s approach to enhanced health and safety standards at our events following COVID-19. For details, please visit: https://www.marintecchina.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/AllSecure_infographic_0616_EN_Marintec.pdf

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Guidelines are subject to change according to the latest regulations. Please visit our show website for updated information.

as at 9 June 2021