2 – 5 December 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China
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Product Highlights | Marintec China 2021

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Marine Navigational/communication equipment & related / chemical for marine fuelSince 1989, we supply / install / repair marine navigational & communication equipment on board the ships for both new builds and retrofit.
We also supply :
. consumable parts like magnetron, recording paper, cooling fan, scanner motor…..….for aforesaid.
. E-Chart for ECDIS, E- nautical publications, software for vessel performance monitoring / locate vessels’ position / weather forecast for route planning…..
. Chemical for marine fuel for increasing the stability / improving combustion performance / reducing sludge& wax being formed
Hostmost Engineering LtdTBC
DH-FGSSThe fuel gas supply system (DH-FGSS) is a gas-propelled ship’s fuel supply system. It is a system that makes LNG and BOG within the ship’s tank into a condition of engine fuel supply. The fuel gas supply system consists of an LNG fuel tank, an LNG pumping system, a BOG compressing system, an LNG heating system, a BOG heating (cooling) system, a heating medium circulation system, a bunkering system, and a venting system. We produces products through optimum system engineering customized to project features including small and large ships, high pressure and low-pressure engines. DongHwa EntecN1D3B
FireMaster® Marine Plus BlanketFireMaster® products and systems for passive fire protection applications are used all over the world to protect people and structures against fire. The wide variety of FireMaster products and systems are comprehensively certified and extensively tested to meet national and international standards. Additionally, we have approvals valid worldwide for cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection, offering our customers the security of global proven fire performance in various market sectors.
•Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Sports Stadiums and Airport Terminals
•Industrial Plants
•Petrochemical plants, Offshore Platforms and FPSO’s
•Cruise Ships, Military Vessels, Mega Yachts and Fast Ferries
•Tunnels and underground construction
•Fire Rated (Fire Resisting) Duct work protection
•Fire doors, OEM and fire stops
Morgan Thermal Ceramics (Shanghai) Co LtdN1F5B

Dragon Marine Engineering Co LtdN1E6C
Low GWP Refrigerant R407HDaikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. With this unique situation, we continue to develop new refrigerants, which can raise energy efficiency on equipment and lessen the environmental impact. Daikin MR Engineering offers Daikin original new refrigerant R407H for all our marine products with lower global warming potential with sufficient cooling capacity. Main features of refrigerants are as follows;
1) Global Availability, 2)Stability, 3)Eco-friendly, 4)High Efficiency, 5)Safety
Retrofit service is also available. Please contact us for details!
Daikin MR Engineering Co LtdN1B2A-02
STAUFF ACT Clamps: Anti-Corrosion TechnologySTAUFF ACT Clamps are an innovatively designed solution for the installation of instrumentation pipework where anti-corrosion properties are of paramount importance (e.g. in the fields of offshore oil and gas exploration and processing).

The design – based on the tried and tested STAUFF Clamps according to DIN 3015 – offers installation time reduction and long term cost savings due to extended service intervals.

ACT Mounting Hardware is made of Stainless Steel V4A with enhanced corrosion resistance by practically excluding metallic and non-metallic impurities during production, processing and handling.

High UV stability of the clamp body material; resistant against seawater, rain and oil.

Suitable for continuous exposure to temperatures: from -25 °C to +80 °C (from -13 °F to +176 °F)

To be used in sub-sea and top-side environments; alleviating the requirement for two different products.
Stauff Hydraulic Components & Service (Shanghai) Co LtdN2B6A-03
ADAMAR VALVESGrowing faster & stronger each day and being aware of the gap that currently exists in the Turkish market regarding marine valves supply, ADAMAR INTERNATIONAL SHIP SUPPLY decided to make a significant investment in the marine valves supply sector.

ADAMAR VALVES is proud to serve their customers with an extensive & comprehensive stock of typical marine valves. AII our products meet the JIS and DIN standards and they are certified by DNV-GL Class society. Our broad product range includes all types of bronze, cast steel and cast-iron marine valves. They are being manufactured by DNV-GL, ABS, NK, BV & LR Class approved manufacturers.

To meet the ongoing market demands, we made another significant investment and signed a distribution contract with ACE about the High-Performance Butterfly Valves. All types of High-performance valves are now available in stock and ready to be delivered to your vessels in all ports of the world.

An expertized team in this field is ready to support you in all Turkish ports & straits, particularly in the Istanbul region, Tuzla and Yalova Shipyards where we can provide 24/7 expert product advice and same-day supply.

At the same time, we do provide worldwide supply of our products from our warehouses in TURKEY & EUROPE & CHINA & KOREA & SINGAPORE. No matter where your vessel is trading, just contact us. We will ensure your order is dispatched as soon as possible and that it safely reaches your vessel on time. lf you are asking for high quality, cost-effective products and on-time delivery, all you should do is to rely on us & join us …

ADAMAR VALVES is in wherever you need.
Adamar International Ship Supply CoN2D5A-03
"UE Engine" Low speed maine Diesel engine Low speed maine Diesel engine with the latest portfolio & green technologies which comply with environmental regulations such as NOx, SOx, EEDI including GHG reduction in the future.Japan Engine CorporationTBC
testo 350 MARITIME - Exhaust gas analyzer for diesel ship enginesThe testo 350 MARITIME flue gas analyzer is certified for emission measurement on marine diesel engines and can be used to measure the gaseous flue gas concentrations of NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2-(IR) and O2. In order to meet the harsh requirements at sea, the complete flue gas analyzer, including accessories, is housed in a robust protective case with a trolley function – the testo 350 MARITIME flue gas analyzer certainly isn't a landlubber.Testo Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co LtdN3C7Q
应用于船用行业的物位和压力测量技术德国VEGA仪表在船舶行业常用于货舱、原油储罐、沥青货轮、液化天然气/石油气货轮、船舶吃水、饮用水/灰水服务罐等场景中。常用仪表有:VEGAPULS 60系列80GHz高频雷达仪表、VEGAFLEX 80系列导波雷达、VEGABAR 80系列压力变送器、VEGASWING 60系列振动型限位开关以及VEGAWELL 52型静压式压力变送器等。VEGA Grieshaber KGN2B2A-07
多片式离合器WPT多片式离合器采用多摩擦片的设计,可以在更小的直径下,能传递更大扭矩,适应的转速更高。先进的摩擦副设计,保证扭矩的可靠传递,如采用湿式工作,可使摩擦片的磨损降到极低值,高性能弹簧是离合器与分离更迅速,适应的背压高,复位迅速。离合器分为常开和常闭两种形式,可干式工作,也可以湿式工作。如有需要也可以采用气动控制。WPT Power (Shanghai) LimitedN3B1A
新款低压启动马达GALI推出新款低压启动马达,不仅弥补了GALI自身的产品范围,更给客户在选择启动马达多了个更可靠的选择,是替代现有市场低压马达的最理想产品,使用寿命更长,扭矩更高GALI Zhenjiang Trading Co LtdN1E2Q